Friday, January 14, 2011


WISE TEENS is a 6 hour program that will create a foundation for success, integrity and personal responsibility for every teen who embraces it. It is separated into 6 different modules.


In this discussion we will chat about what "Pure Intent" really is and an introduction to the Pure Intent Umbrella. We will also discuss the affect our intent has on our lives, both when it falls under or outside of the Pure Intent Umbrella*. We will take time to consider and reflect on specific intents and evaluate actions in relation to Pure Intent. We will identify the power of thought and our individual power within that.

Part 1

In this 2 part series, we will discuss and learn to understand the affect of our emotions on every situation in our life. An introduction to "triggers" and the part they play in our day to day life and relationships. Tools will be shared that can help in managing our emotions, rather then allowing them to manage us. We will also discuss what it means to stand in our own power, Emotional Gravity Wells (EGW) and Wishing Wells.

Part 2

The second part of the Emotions series will introduce you to concepts that will help you to understand why you act, react and behave in various ways. With this understanding, you are able to see your actions etc from a neutral perspective while allowing you to do what is needed to manage your emotions. This understanding is profound in the sense of the freedom as it allows us to grow and move forward.


In this series we will discuss and self evaluate those things in our life that cause us to worry, feel fear or get frustrated. We will look at general root issues that create our fear and what we can do for ourselves to learn to live empowered lives. We will also clarify what is within and beyond our individual control and the importance of not focusing on that which you aren't able to control. You will be introduced to the Freedom Star*


This is a light hearted part of the series where you will learn a technique to create future possibilities and/or probabilities. While the future is not set in stone, it is us who steers our own ship to our future. This is a helpful tool to explore and give focus to your dreams. If you can dream it, it can happen.


Learning and discussing how our perceptions can affect our lives in every aspect. Understanding the importance of seeing situations from a "bigger picture" perspective can put things into context, making it easier to break through those walls.

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